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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Work of Translation: Theory, Function, and Practice"

ALL 5261, “Work of Translation: Theory, Function, and Practice” is being offered fall 2009.

"Work of Translation: Theory, Function, and Practice"
Fall 2009
Tuesday & Thursday
2:30 ‚Äê 3:45
This course is a review of the issues surrounding translation, including theories of representation, ideological work, as well as actual practice. Our work will be structured around a series of readings and discussion of both historical and contemporary writing on translation; these readings and discussions will be intercut with actual translation tasks. While most of the readings center on the theory and particulars of literary translation, students
will be encouraged to explore other manifestations of translation as a historical, cultural or aesthetic issue. Along with those interested in languages and literature, students in disciplines such as creative writing, performance,
and the plastic arts are also welcomed. You should be native or near‚Äênative speaker of English, as well as an advanced speaker/reader of at least one other language, either classical or vernacular. Evaluation will be
based on weekly assignments, presentations to the class, written essays, and a final project; the last of which will be designed to integrate the work of the class with your own particular interests and talents.
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