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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Women's Everyday Lives Worldwide Narrative Submissions

Women's Everyday Lives Worldwide is looking for narratives to be published in its upcoming 14 volumes. Preferred deadline is 14-16 months maximum.

Women's Everyday Lives Worldwide is searching for narratives for its upcoming reference series. It will consist of 14 volumes, with volumes on African American Women. Latino Women, Asian American Women, Native Women, Latin AMerican Women, Middle Eastern Women, European Women, Sub-Saharan African Women, East Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Women. Below are the details of the content.
Length: 70,000 words
The preferred deadline is 14-16 months maximum.
Series format:
This should be followed in order (for the final manuscript only) and exact chapter titles.
o Introduction
o Overview/stats (extensive demographics on age, occupation, income, marital and family status, etc.)
o Morning Routines
o Work Day
o Evenings
o Weekends
o Holidays/Vacations
o Dating, Marriage, Family, and Friendship
o Hobbies/Interests/Outside Activities
o Selected Bibliography
Narrative chapters per topic will broadly and specifically characterize what women do, their typical schedules and routines, and how they live. Country, class, and other distinctions, such as age, will be made as necessary. Fun side bars with vignettes, amplification of topics of interest, lists, quotations, etc., will be interspersed.
Questions or comments please contact:
Manisha Desai
Director, Women's Studies Program
University of Connecticut
354 Mansfield Rd, Unit 2181
Storrs, CT 06269
phone: 860-486-1131
fax: 860-486-4789
email: manisha.desai@uconn.edu