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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Intersectionality: Systems of Oppression and Pedagogical Strategies Across the Curriculum" 2010 Faculty Workshop

Normandale Community College is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the workshop, "Intersectionality: Systems of Oppression and Pedagogical Strategies Across the Curriculum" on March 26, 2010. Proposal deadline: February 12, 2010.

"Intersectionality: Systems of Oppression and Pedagogical Strategies Across the Curriculum" 2010 Faculty Workshop
Friday, March 26, 2010 Normandale Community College
Call for Proposals
This workshop will provide a forum for MnSCU faculty to discuss and share ideas, issues, initiatives, research, and pedagogies related to Women's Studies and Gender studies. Faculty will have the opportunity to dialogue across disciplines with other teachers and scholars interested in gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, social systems, systems of oppression, transnational feminisms, and diverse cultures. The workshop highlights the collaborations between GLBT Studies, Men's Studies, Ethnic
Studies, Family Studies, as well as the contributions of Women's and Gender Studies to career fields within MnSCU.
Proposal Guidelines
Proposals are due February 12, 2010.
Concurrent sessions will engage MnSCU faculty in dialectical exchanges focused on topics related to teaching and learning. Each 60-minute session will include three (approximately 15-minute) presentations plus time for active dialog with participants. We welcome topics related to the conference theme and offer suggestions below, although we welcome a wide range of topics:
• Teaching Intersectionality
• Inviting Difficult Dialogues in Class Discussion
• Sharing stories of teaching/learning practices that demonstrate core feminist values such as collaboration, nonviolence, and linking theory/practice
• Keeping teaching and scholarship current by examining critical intersections between gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, global issues, and other systemic oppressions
• Practicing inter-, trans-, or cross-disciplinary curriculum development
• Teaching Women's Studies online
• Theory and Praxis in Men's Studies
• Strategies for publishing in the field
• Strategies for developing discipline-specific assessment practices
• Establishing egalitarian structures (within classrooms, programs, and between institutions) based on mutual trust and respect
• Issues in Science, Technology and Gender
• Teaching Feminist Literary Analysis
• Environmental Studies from Indigenous Perspectives
• Multicultural Traditional Healing Practices and Gender
• Theory and Praxis in Abuse and Intervention Programs
• Economic Issues, the Recession, Social Inequalities and Gender
• Gender, Rape and Genocide Studies
• Resources for Addressing Black, Native American, Latina and Asian Feminism
• Resources for Teaching LGBTQ Perspectives
• Raising Awareness of Transnational Feminism
• Raising Awareness of Restorative Justice
• Envisioning partnerships for MnSCU faculty across disciplines, across campuses.
Proposal Components
Description: maximum 500 words addressing the following:
• Main purpose of your presentation
• Description of what participants will learn from your presentation
• How your presentation relates to the discipline workshop theme of "INTERSECTIONALITY:
• How your presentation will be structured (direct delivery, question and answer, small- and large-group discussion)
Abstract: maximum 100 words (Please note that this abstract will be printed in the program and may be revised.)
Presenters: name(s) and email contact information (Panel and group presentations are encouraged!) Graduate students are welcome to attend and submit proposals.
Review Process
Please send Proposal to Ava.Rosenblum@normandale.edu. Members of the discipline workshop planning committee (including faculty from Inver Hills Community College, Normandale Community College and Metropolitan State University) will review the proposals. Acceptance notification will be sent via email by February 19, 2010.
Pat Darling, Writing & Religious Studies Faculty at Metropolitan State University Patricia.Darling@metrostate.edu
Vicki Knickerbocker, Sociology Faculty at Inver Hills Community College, vknicke@inverhills.edu
Mary Petrie, English Faculty at Inver Hills Community College, mpetrie@inverhills.edu
Thomas Wortman, Assistant Director, CTL, MnSCU. Thomas.Wortman@so.MnSCU.edu