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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UCLA Queer Studies Conference 2010

University of California-Los Angeles is pleased to announce a call for papers for their Queer Studies Conference 2010, October 8-9, on the UCLA campus. They invite presentations by graduate students and faculty scholars. See full blog detail for a list of topics/questions/concerns. Proposal deadline: June 25, 2010.

UCLA Queer Studies Conference 2010
Friday and Saturday, October 8-9, 2010 Royce Hall
University of California - Los Angeles
This year's UCLA QUEER Studies Conference welcomes talks or pre-planned panels dealing with any of the following diverse topics/questions/concerns:
· Queering trans-nationalism; queer & trans-nationalism
· Queer Globalization: On cultural and/or economic exchanges
· Queer politics and theories of migrations
· Queer translations: How "to do queer studies" in non-US contexts
· Between Sex and Gender: On the politics and poetics of trans/inter sexuality
· Does queer have a race; is race queer?
· The future of queer activism
· The ethical impetus of queer criticism
· Queer embodiment: Performance, Affect, Style
Proposals for individual papers should take the form of abstracts of not more than 300 words; panel proposals of less than 500 words and should include both a list of participants and paper abstracts.
Since one of the goals of the conference is to encourage the exchange of ideas across academic generations, we invite presentations by graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty scholars. Submissions from undergraduates should be accompanied by a brief letter from a faculty member highlighting the strengths of both the student and the student's proposal.
Deadline for Proposals: June 25th 2010
Send abstracts and C.V.s to
Contact: Catharine McGraw (310) 206-1145 and email above