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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2010-2011 Graduate Student Milestones

We are pleased to announce the following milestones completed by graduate students during the past academic year, 2010-2011:

PhDs conferred: Pamela Butler, Michael David Franklin, Sonjia Hyon, Danny LaChance, Ryan Murphy, Scott Shoemaker, Harrod Suarez, and Cathryn Merla Watson.

MAs conferred: Lauren Shell.

Passed prelim exams: Myrl Beam, Mike Cheyne, Susie Hatmaker, A.J. Lewis, Waleed Mahdi, Karla Padron, and Tom Sarmiento.

Continue reading for dissertation titles from PhDs conferred.

Pamela Butler
Global Chicks: The Politics of Travel in Twenty-First Century Feminisms Jennifer Pierce, Roderick Ferguson, and Jigna Desai, advisers.
Michael David Franklin
Spectacles in Transit: Reading Cinematic Productions of Biopower and Transgender Embodiment Roderick Ferguson and Kevin Murphy, advisers.
Sonjia Hyon
Anxieties of the Fictive: The Immigrant and Asian American Politics of Visibility Roderick Ferguson and Josephine Lee, advisers.
Danny Lachance
Condemned To Be Free: The Cultural Life of Capital Punishment in the United States, 1945-Present Elaine Tyler May, adviser.
Ryan Murphy
On Our Own: Flight Attendant Labor and the Family Values Economy Jennifer Pierce, adviser.
Scott Shoemaker
Trickster Skins: Narratives of Landscape, Representation, and the Miami Nation Brenda Child, adviser.
Harrod Suarez
The Insolence of the Filipinas: Mothering Nationalism, Globalization, and Literature Roderick Ferguson, adviser.
Cathryn Merla Watson
Spectral Materialisms: Colonial Complexes and the Insurgent Acts of Chicana/o Cultural Production Louis Mendoza, adviser.