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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gender Justice Week continues through Sunday April 22nd

The 3rd Annual Gender Justice Week at the University of Minnesota focuses on liberating all our genders, bodies and multiple identities through racial, economic, dis/ability, sexuality and gender justice work continues through Sunday, April 22nd. Continue reading for more info on upcoming events.

Organized by the GLBTA Programs Office and Transgender Commission in collaboration with the Queer Student Cultural Center, Women's Student Activist Collective, Aurora Center, Women's Center, IDEA, MN Psychological Association, MN Queer Science, GWSS, and Steven J. Schochet Endowment!
Info also located on our website at http://www.glbta.umn.edu. Thank you!
Gender Justice Week Events: April 15-20, 2012
Click here for a full list of the week's past and upcoming events. See below for upcoming events.
*GenderF*Kation Film Screening + Panel
Wed, April 18, 4:00 PM
Bell Museum Auditorium
Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation is the story of six people and their journey through the social, religious and political landscapes of a society that struggles to understand or allow for gender transgression. This documentary film breaks through gender stereotypes and historical gender ideologies to liberate our bodies, minds and spirits from our own social gender dysphoria. Although it is based in Minnesota, the subject matter has no borders. Forget everything you think you know about gender and experience a GENDERF*KATION! After the film, a panel discussion will take place with the filmmakers and people in the movie (including our very own Alex and Remy) -- plus free food! For more information, please contact TransCom@umn.edu.
*Amy Andre: Bi & Trans* Health Disparities (updated)
Thurs, April 19, 4:00 PM
Smith Hall 331
We use man different words to describe the rainbow of our sexual identities. Straight or heterosexual are the most common, followed by bisexual, then gay, then lesbian, then other terms, like pansexual, queer, omnisexual, fluid, asexual, and many more. In this talk, bi author and health activist Amy Andre will be presenting research on how race, gender, and health intersect and interact with sexual identity language, especially for those of us who identify as bi and/or have sexual relationships with partners of multiple genders. Did you know that bi-identified people make up the largest group in the LGB population, and have poorer health than heterosexuals, gays, and lesbians? Together, we'll answer questions such as: Why do these health disparities exist? What can we do about them - and about other sexual health disparities? And, how can we create a world of optimal health and wellness for people of all sexualities?
Nationally renowned writer, speaker and activist Amy Andre is regarded as an expert on the topics of bisexual identity and health disparities faced by LGBTQ people, Amy has been featured on PBS, and in Cosmopolitan, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Blade, and the Advocate, among many other news sources. Free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome! For more information, please contact TransCom@umn.edu.
*Feminist Perspectives on the Psychology of Same Sex Marriage
Thurs, April 19, 7:00-9:00 PM
Mayo Memorial Building 3-100
Lisa Diamond, Beverly Green, and Glenda Russell will discuss their research and clinical perspectives on marriage equality and the marriage amendment. All three are nationally renowned researchers, authors, psychologists, and teachers. Their specialties are in GLBT concerns and they will speak about women's issues, sexual orientation, ethnic and cultural diversity, and feminism and marriage. Co-sponsored with the Women's Center, Minnesota Psychological Association (Women's and Multicultural Divisions), Program in Human Sexuality, and MN Women in Psychology. For more information, please contact 952-564-3048 or visit www.mnpsych.org.
*Minnesota Queer Science Lunch
Fri, April 20, Noon-1:30 PM
St. Paul Student Center - South Field
Got Geek? Minnesota Queer Science is a network of GLBTQ and allied folks from all fields of science, engineering, technology and mathematics. If a room full of awesome queer folks and geeky humor is what you've been looking for, join us! For more information, please contact mnqsci@gmail.com.
*Gender Violence in Communities of Color
Fri, April 20, 2:00-3:30 PM
Murphy Hall 130
This discussion will explore some of the challenges of addressing gender violence in communities of color and offer some ways that everyone can take action and bring about change. Co-sponsored with the Women's Center, Gender Women & Sexuality Studies and The Aurora Center. For more information, please contact women@umn.edu.
*20th Anniversary
BECAUSE: Midwest Bisexuality Conference
April 20-22, 2012
Metropolitan State University, St. Paul
The BECAUSE Conference is an annual event for bisexuals, queers, non-monosexuals, the bi-curious or questioning, and allies of all sexual or gender identities. This year marks the big 20th Anniversary celebration -- check out all the incredible speakers, workshops, entertainment, registration information and more at www.becauseconference.org!