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Monday, November 12, 2012

CFP: Two Praeger Publishers Volume Series

Praeger Publishers seeks proposals for two of their series: "Racism in American Institutions" and "Intersections of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in America." Both are open-ended series of one-volume works. Continue reading for both series descriptions and more info.

1. Call For Proposals New Praeger Series!
"Intersections of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in America"
Series content:
The intersections of racial and ethnic culture within the dominant American white culture re-veal challenges and tensions. This open-ended series of one-volume works (each 105,000 - 135,000 words long) will examine changing and often controversial issues in racial and ethnic culture in the U.S. Projects will explore the intersections of race and
ethnicity with gender, sexuality, religion, class, nation, and citizenship. These titles uncover and explore racial ten-sions, stereotypes, and cultural appropriation, as well as celebrate cultural forms, influential people, and critical events that shape today's
American culture.
This fascinating new series complements our reference series-Cultures of the American Mo-saic-by exploring often controversial issues in America's ethnic cultures. Addressing hot top-ics of yesterday and today, the series will appeal to both general and academic libraries and a wide range of readers interested in American and ethnic cultures.
Series Editor: Gary Okihiro, Columbia University Gary Y. Okihiro is a professor of international and public affairs and the founding director of the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race at Columbia University. He is author of ten books, including his latest two of a trilogy on space/time, Island World: A History of Hawai'i and
the United States (2008) and Pineapple Culture: A History of the Tropical and Temperate Zones (2009), both from the University of California Press. He is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Studies Association, received an honorary doctorate from the University of the Ryukyus, and is a past president of the Association for Asian Ameri-can Studies. He is also the author of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Japanese American In-ternment (2014). http://garyokihiro.com/
Examples of potential topics/titles:
* Appropriation of American Indians in popular culture - film, television, fashion, sports
* The Model Minority Myth: Beyond the stereotypes of Asians in America
* From Navajo Prints to Wiggers: Appropriating ethnic culture in the name of fashion
* Hip Hop Goes Mainstream and the Impact on African American Culture
* African American Women and Islam: Tensions between Liberation and Oppression
2. Call For Proposals Praeger is seeking proposals for our Racism in American Institutions
Series content:
Despite the fact that America has elected its first Black President, racism has historically been a problem in our society and continues to be a problem today. We may have done away with such overt racist policies as the Jim Crow laws and school segregation, but covert racism still affects many of America's established institutions from our public schools to our corporate of-fices. For instance, schools may not be legally segregated, but take a look at some of the schools in wealthier suburban areas where there are few minority students. What racist policies both in the housing market and in the school systems might be contributing to the fact that many schools have so few students of color? Or look into our prisons. What racist policies within our legal and prison systems might account for the fact that so many people of color are behind bars and are being kept there?
This open-ended series of one-volume works (each 70,000 - 90,000 words long) will examine the problem of racism in established American institutions. Each volume will trace the preva-lence of racism within that institution throughout the history of our country and will then ex-plore the problem in that institution today, looking at ways in which the institution has changed to fight against racism as well as at ways in which it has not. Special attention will be paid to the ways in which racism within each institution has harmed not only individuals but also the institution itself, and solutions, with examples of successful programs, if available and applica-ble, to the problem of racism within each institution will be provided.
Series Editor:
Brian Behnken, Ph.D. is an expert in 20th century United States history and specializes in the fields of African American and Mexican American history. His published and forthcoming books explore relations between Latinos and blacks during the civil rights period. He is a mem-ber of the faculty in the Department of History and the U.S. Latino/a Studies Program at Iowa State University. More information on Dr. Behnken can be found on his website, www.briandbehnken.com. He is a assistant professor in history and Latino/a studies at Iowa State University.
Examples of potential topics/titles:
Racism in Politics, Racism in Corporate America, Racism in Academia, Racism in the Public Schools, Racism in the Medical Profession, Racism in the Prison System, Racism in the Legal System, Racism in Religious Institutions, Racism in Journalism, Racism in the Entertainment Industry, Racism in the Housing Market, Racism in Mental Health and Social Work Fields
CONTACT for questions or submissions for both series:
Kim Kennedy White, Ph.D.
Senior Acquisitions Editor, American Mosaic