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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Temp Instructor Position at UMN - Morris for Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, MORRIS Division of Social Sciences is looking to fill a one semester or one year instructor position in American Indian Studies for fall 2013-spring 2014. ABD graduate students encouraged to apply. You may get more details and info on how to apply by contacting Prof. Leslie Meek (meeklesr@morris.umn.edu). Continue reading for Leslie's original message.

Original Message from Leslie Meek:
Subject: Looking for an ABD student for 1 year temp hire in American Indian Studies
Hi, I am the Chair of the Division of Social Sciences at the University of Minnesota, Morris. One of the historians here will be taking a fellowship next year, and we need someone to cover his American Indian Studies/History classes. We definitely need our "Intro to American Indian Studies" course taught, and would also be nice to cover our lower level "Global Indigenous Studies". The rest of his courses are upper level courses such as "Red Power", "Strategies for Survival", and "American Indians in the U.S.", but of course, whoever we hire could teach their own courses. We'd be expecting 12 credits taught each semester, or we could even work it out so that it is a one semester position.
Dr. Leslie R. Meek
Chair, Division of Social Sciences
Professor of Psychology
University of Minnesota, Morris
600 E 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267