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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

GWSS Grad Instructor Position for Fall 2013

THE DEPARTMENT OF GENDER, WOMEN and Sexuality Studies is seeking a graduate instructor to teach GWSS 3301W "Women Writers" for the Fall 2013 semester. The course meets MW 2:30-3:45, and previous syllabi of the course are available upon request. Application deadline: July 15th, 2013. Continue reading for more details.

Position Description:
The Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies is seeking a graduate instructor to teach GWSS 3301W - Women Writers for the Fall 2013 semester.
The course meets MW 2:30-3:45 in Amundson Hall 151. Previous syllabi of the course are available upon request.
Course Description:
This course examines literature written by women to understand it from their own perspectives, in their own words, and through their own images. Literature is one site where women have deployed various forms of writing to construct and analyze their understandings of gender. The basis of this course is to analyze how literature works, how it presents ideas, represents subjects, and produces power. With a focus on complexities of women's roles, this course will examine the way women writers have used various genres of literature to articulate personal and social struggles. It will also think about how literature (in its many forms) is part of and impacts society.
The instructor may focus on one genre (e.g. novels or memoirs) or study a range of genres (novels, short stories, poetry, essays, etc.).
This course satisfies the CLE requirements for Literature. This is also a writing intensive course. Since the meaning of any given text exceeds the written work, we will work to identify and place the narrative within the larger context of the discrete literary periods and socio-cultural frameworks. Students will learn to locate the literature with other texts to become aware of the interrelatedness of social, political, historical, and literary concepts and, subsequently, of the importance of literature as a discipline and a site of inquiry as well.
Course objectives:
· To study the formal dimensions of literature and examine how the author's choice of words convey a particular meaning or evoke a specific response from the reader.
· To engage in an in-depth study of genre and authorship and to place this study within its social and historical contexts.
· To gain an understanding of the place of women writers within an overall culture of literary culture.
· To examine the historical development and deployment of gender taxonomies, the ways in which women writers have challenged and unseated hierarchies, and the ways in which they continue to hold sway.
· To gain a deeper appreciation of literature, of expression, and of new canon formations.
To Apply:
Please send an update CV, along with a statement. The statement should include one paragraph that describes your previous teaching experience, and one paragraph that would provide a vision for how you would teach the course. Please send these materials to Angela Brandt, Department Administrator, at bran0487@umn.edu by July 15, 2013.