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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CSCL Student Association Research Symposium

THE CSCL STUDENT ASSOCIATION is hosting an undergraduate symposium on Friday April 27th in Nicholson hall room 35. Food will be served at 4:30 and the presentations start at 5:00pm. American Studies Student worker, Jasmine Lane will be sharing her research with the title "Fanon, Césaire, and Hartman: Reclaiming and Reconstructing a Theory of Blackness ".

The line up as it stands now will be:
Georgia Lucas:
The Chthonic Feminine in Lars von Trier's Latest Trilogy
Nicholas Kouhi:
"Money Always Matters": Capitalism, Race, and Patriarchy in Shaft
Jasmine Lane:
​Fanon, Césaire, and Hartman​: ​Reclaiming and Rec​onstructing ​a​​Theory of​ ​B​lackness
Mark Mahoney:
"Jazz Critics and the Expectations of Black
Improvisation: Reassessing the Reception History of Ornette Coleman's
"Free Jazz"
Megan Goeke:
"She Can Cook as Well as Look!": Women's Competitions and the American Domestic Ideal, 1945-1960
Mary Scott:
Portuguese Translations