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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Teaching Positions

OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE is looking for PhD students who are interested in teaching next year. OLLI is a learning program for retirees 55+ and offers a paid position and the ability to design your own course. See below for more information.

OLLI is a lifelong learning program for retirees 55+. We are a program of the College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota. OLLI members are highly educated and intellectually curious. Many are retired professors or professionals who are pursuing lifelong passions and interests through OLLI's non credit course offerings. Many OLLI members continue their vocation as educators by designing and offering courses for OLLI. OLLI courses tend to be "scholarly", offering academic challenge but without the tests and grades. OLLI members enjoy learning about the latest research and findings in a wide variety of fields. It is for this reason that the OLLI Scholar program was created. I have attached our Spring 2015 Course Guide so you can take a look at the types of courses currently offered.
The OLLI Scholar program is a opportunity for PhD and professional school students to design and deliver a full course to OLLI members. Payment is $1,000 per course. Our terms are 8 week fall, 6 weeks winter and 7 weeks spring. We have a classroom in McNamara so students need not have a vehicle. We also offer classes anywhere on campus that will host us including the St. Paul Campus, and throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul and inner ring suburbs; one's own transportation is required off campus. OLLI Scholars must be matriculated students in the term in which they deliver their course.
All applications require a signature from the adviser. Here's the most important thing about this program: While OLLI Scholars do benefit from the design and delivery process which may enhance their resume, not to mention the pay, most report that the real pay-off is in teaching this particular population of highly engaged, well informed students who actively participate in class and ask great questions. A number of OLLI Scholars have returned to present a course for no pay, just because they enjoyed their experience as an OLLI Scholar.
OLLI Scholars are selected in mid-June for the entire upcoming academic year. OLLI terms are:
Fall 2015: 9/21/15 - 11/13/15
Winter 2016: 1/25/16 - 3/5/16
Spring 2016: 3/28/16 - 5/13/16
There are three steps/requirements to application:
1. Complete a short Google doc Interest Form briefly describing the course in mind. Deadline May 22, 2015. The doc can be found at: http://olli.umn.edu/osher-lifelong-learning-institute/olli-scholars
2. Completion of a formal course proposal (most candidates will be contacted by the OLLI office or a current OLLI course leader to further discuss their course idea prior to receiving the formal course proposal). The office will email the link to the course proposal. Deadline: June 5, 2015.
3. Submission of the OLLI Scholar Adviser Signature Form. Deadline: July 31, 2015.