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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

AMST 8920 sec002 "Queering Economies" with Prof. Lorena Muñoz

AMST 8920 sec 002
Wednesday 3:35-5:00 p.m.
Instructor: Prof. Lorena Muñoz
Title: "Queering Economies"

This course will primarily explore how economic practices rendered as informal around the globe dialectically shape the material and embodied spaces of everyday life of informal workers across spaces and places. In order to theoretically understand how these spaces and places are produced, we will look towards Queering economies—That is rethinking the (in)formal economy by understanding heterogeneous economic processes as queer, entangled and relational. We will explore how recent work moves away from dualist frameworks of informal/formal economy, that reify capitalisms as a totalizing organizing frame that we theorize from against and within. What Gibson Graham calls Capitalcentrism- as the positioning of all economic references to capitalism. Instead we will engage with work that theorizes economies as diverse, heterogeneous processes as entanglements, rather than categories that exclude, include and define binary systems.