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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Community Fund Drive

Give today to the Community Fund Drive, a University sponsored campaign to support local charities! The University encourages faculty and staff to make a donation at www.umn.edu/cfd to the charity of their choice.

Community Fund Drive
The Community Fund Drive is a yearly campaign sponsored by the University of Minnesota to solicit donations for local charitable organizations. The drive started on October 1st and goes until October 31st this year, so get your pledges in at http://www.umn.edu/cfd
Reasons to pledge:
· MN Charities Count on U! (The federations and charities/agencies count on us at the University. For most of them, we are their biggest donor. Without our pledge drive every year, they wouldn't be able to continue helping all the people and causes they do.)
· Every gift matters, a little or a lot. We want 100% participation. Everyone has something to give, if not monetary then of their time. We welcome additional volunteers to help raise Community Fund Drive awareness. The organizations supported by the federations also welcome all the helping hands they can get.
· You can give to your favorite charity, even if it is not listed under a federation. As long as it is a 501(c)3 (it has a U.S. tax-exempt status as a charity) it qualifies.
· It's easy! Choose the method best for you:
1. Payroll deduction each pay period in 2010 (begins January 13, 2010). Remember if someone pledged last year, their payroll deductions end when 2009 ends. They need to "re-pledge" if they want to continue to give.
2. One-time gift through Payroll deduction (February 10, 2010)
3. One-time gift by check - Payable to one of the charities; not to the University
For additional questions, contact the Community Fund Drive volunteer in your department, Laura Domine, at domin047@umn.edu.