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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Arts & Humanities Participants Wanted to Help UMN Libraries

The University of Minnesota Libraries are looking for people currently working or plan on working in the digital arts and humanities who might be interested in helping the libraries set up future services in this area. They are planning some type of survey as well as other research and are looking for people willing to include their voice and experience.

Please read full e-mail from Nancy Herther:
Are you actively working in the digital arts & humanities area today - or plan to in the near future? Are you interested in helping shape the Libraries' future services in this area?
Then, we are looking for YOU!
Many universities have already established support centers and collections focused on these budding areas of research (for more information, see http://digitalhumanities.org/answers/) and the University Libraries are now beginning a study of what is currently happening on our campus, and hope to glean information on future needs as well.
If you have an interest or current involvement in these areas, please let me know and I will pass your name along to the group. I know that they are planning some type of survey as well as other research. We want to include your voice and experience in this!
Thank you, in advance, for your consideration!
Nancy Herther
University Libraries