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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Literacy and Rhetorical Studies Research Series 2/17/12

The Center for Writing is pleased to announce the Spring 2012 Literacy and Rhetorical Studies Research Series "embodied literacies: voice, performance, and space" on Friday, February 17, 2012 from 12:00-1:30pm in room 12 Nicholson Hall. Lunch will be provided.

An interdisciplinary discussion featuring work in progress by:
Richard Graff (Associate Professor, Writing Studies)--"Greek Rhetoric In Situ"
This presentation will tour through a selection of digital models being produced as part of a larger study of ancient Greek sites of oratorical performance, with discussion of the on-site investigations and interdisciplinary collaborations involved and of the expanding vistas for the project as it creeps into the realms of the digital and virtual.
Judi Petkau (Ph.D. Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction)--"Pedagogic Address in Art Space"
Exhibition or art installation spaces often provoke audiences into embodied practices of meaning making. This study of an encounter by a teen and his teacher within the Weisman Art Museum offers insights into this discursive space, which is both critical and aesthetic.
Candance Doerr-Stevens (Ph.D. Candidate, Curriculum & Instruction)-- "Appropriating a Media Voice: Multimodal Struggle in Digital Media Composition"
This presentation examines the digital media composition process of collaborative groups, focusing specifically on the multimodal struggle that occurs among peers as they gather, select, and edit media. Of particular interest is how students appropriate media to express individual views in a collective text.
Lunch will be provided. Please register at myC4W (http://writing.umn.edu/myc4w). If you are not affiliated with the University of Minnesota, send an email to writing@umn.edu to register.