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Monday, April 1, 2013

Coffe Talk Hour: "Anthropogenesis: Origins and Endings in the Anthropogenic"

A Coffee Talk hosted by the Department of Geography, Environment and Society titled "Anthropogenesis: Origins and Endings in the Anthropogenic" will be given by Kathryn Yusoff, Lecturer in Nonhuman Geography at the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University. This talk will be held in Carlson 1-123 beginning at 3:30 on April 7th.

Abstract: This lecture will address how the Anthropocene contains within it a form of Anthropogenesis--a new origin story and imagined ending for "Man"--a genesis that names a fossil-fuelled creature of geomorphological capabilities, operating at the scale of the planet. How are we to understand this new geologic subjectivity, its temporal, material and spatial horizons? How does the designation of a unitary geologic humanity fail to acknowledge gross differences in responsibility for Anthropogenic climate change? In contrast to the socially undifferentiated geomorphising of the Anthropocene, I will suggest some points of departure for thinking a more nuanced and differentiated "Geologic Life".
The talk will be held in Carlson 1-123 beginning at 3:30. Complimentary refreshments and coffee will be served at 3:15.
*Please note the room change from the usual Coffee Hour location*
Please See Attached Flyer.
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