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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CHICH 3507W Summer 2013

CHIC 3507W INTRODUCTION to Chicana/o Literature will be taught this summer 2013 by Alex Mendoza Covarrubias.

Description: This introductory course will focus in large part on the use and function of feminine archetypes within the canon of Chicana/o literature. Students will be exposed to a variety of texts and writing styles and will learn to identify the themes and aesthetics that characterize Chicana/o literature in its many forms as well as understand the significance of the counter-narratives that Chicana/o literature presents. We will approach the readings from an intersectional perspective; analyzing works for the ways in which they confront not only race, class, sexuality and gender issues, but issues of transnationalism and globalization as well.
Class Time: 30% Lecture, 70% Discussion.
Grade: 20% reports/papers, 10% quizzes, 40% reflection paper, 20% in-class presentation, 10% class participation.
Click here for a course flyer.