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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Faculty and Instructors: University Libraries Primary Sources Guide

FACULTY & FALL GRAD INSTRUCTORS: The University of Minnesota Libraries has wonderful collections of web-based primary collections as well as outstanding archives and special collections. Our librarian Nancy Herther has created guides for you and your students to highlight the great resources available. To view the message from Nancy and her guides, please continue reading.

Message from Nancy regarding primary sources:
With all of the emphasis on improving the student experience, on 'flipping classrooms' and graduation standards......there is another area that deserves your attention: Primary Sources.
The University of Minnesota Libraries have wonderful collections of web-based primary collections as well as our outstanding archives and special collections.
Our special collections and archives are one the largest special collections in the country with incredible breadth and depth comprising over 100,000 linear feet of material and covering subjects ranging from the remarkable history of performing and literary arts to the acclaimed children's literature collection that includes manuscripts from Wanda Gag and Walter Dean Myers to the unique history of computing--from social welfare history to the performing arts. The rare book collection, valued at over $900,000,000, constitutes one of the University's largest assets and is an extraordinary intellectual and historical repository.
However, few students ever have an opportunity to explore these incredible resources. I've made it a goal this year to try to find ways of getting more AMST students into some of these great resources for their coursework and papers.
I have developed two guides that I have attached. Please look them over. I think that even you will be surprised by the number of resources available for easy searching over the Web, as well as the depth of coverage available on virtually ANY area of study.
Please look these over and feel free to get in touch with me ANYTIME to get a personal 'tour' of these resources. The University has made huge investments in these resources and they deserve to be applied.
Contact me anytime about using primary sources - for your classes, your research or just to get more information!
Thank you! I think you will find this time well spent!
Nancy Herther
American Studies Librarian
Primary Sources_ American Studies.pdf