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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Graduate Workshop in Modern History - call for scholarly work

THE GRADUATE WORKSHOP in MODERN HISTORY is currently soliciting papers for its 2014 fall semester schedule. If you have a seminar paper, dissertation chapter, MA thesis, or other project you would like to submit to a journal or present at a conference the GWMH is a perfect place to receive useful and insightful feedback in an informal atmosphere. Click here to learn more and to submit work.

Any papers that use historical methodology and focus on the modern period (very loosely defined as the early nineteenth century to the present) are welcome. The GWMH accepts papers from any geographic area and any discipline, and we value comparative and interdisciplinary work.
If you are interested in presenting, please email Emily Bruce (bruce088@umn.edu) and/or Ellen Manovich (manov003@umn.edu) and indicate:
1) a general time during the semester when you would prefer to present your paper (i.e. October, late fall, anytime, etc.). This semester, the workshop will return to its past meeting time of 12:00 noon on Fridays. We're also happy to discuss reserving space for you in the spring semester.
2) a working title for the paper you wish to present.
3) a list of 2 or 3 professors who might serve as the faculty commentator for your paper. Faculty commentators initiate discussion of the paper being discussed that week. The GWMH has been a venue where professors and graduate students who have mutual interests yet do not know each other can meet.
We look forward to a semester of interesting papers and conversation.