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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

AMST 8290: Comparative Indigeneities of the Americas

AMST 8290 will be taught by Prof. Bianet Castellanos this spring and will be titled “Comparative Indigeneities of the Americas.” The course will be offered on Wednesdays from 1:25 – 3:20pm in Nicholson 120. See below for course description.

This course brings together transnational and interdisciplinary scholarship to articulate new ways of pursuing critical Indigenous studies through a hemispheric frame. In light of the shared history of colonization, genocide, racial and sexual violence experienced by indigenous peoples, the goal for this course is to engage with the ways that indigenous and mestiza/o (mixed race) peoples enact resistance to state, nation-state, and imperial attempts to erase, deny, repress, disappear, circumscribe displace, and assimilate indigenous peoples. To do so, this course examines key concepts and methodologies, including their intellectual genealogies, used to engage with indigenous experiences across the Américas. Finally, this course attempts to promote a broader understanding of the relationships between Native and decolonizing mestiza/o (mixed race) peoples in the hemisphere. We will analyze an assortment of texts, including books, articles, and visual media, that speak to the multiple ways that indigeneity is lived, practiced, and imagined.