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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Annual Student Activities Report (SAR) DUE: Feb. 1 ---- Annual Adviser meetings: February 1 - 19

The graduate school requires an annual review of student progress for each graduate student.  The department process for annual review includes a meeting with your adviser(s).  Please make an appointment with your adviser(s) to discuss your academic progress toward the degree.  Goals, problems, research interests, and timelines for completion should be reviewed.  Meetings should be scheduled between February 1 and February 19. After the meeting, your adviser will submit a brief written report to the DGS.  We will be in contact with each adviser to remind them of the department process and deadlines.

Students are also required to submit a Student Activities Report (SAR) each calendar year. Cumulative information from collected SARs -- which includes information about research, teaching, publication, conference participation, honors, and service activities in the 2015 calendar year-- is important for the department, graduate school, and college in assessing the activities of the graduate program.  Please submit your SAR (template linked here) to Melanie (stein196@umn.edu) by Monday, February 1, 2016.  We encourage you to submit a copy of this report to your adviser at this time as well as advisers have noted that your SAR is a helpful guide to facilitate a broader discussion of your research and professional goals.

For more information on the annual review please check the Graduate Handbook, available at