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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dr. Karma Chavez Job Talk

RIGS is hosting a job talk by Dr. Karma Chavez titled “Alternative Activisms: Latinx Farm Workers and the Rhetoric of HIV/AIDS” on Thursday, December 10th in Walter 402 at 4:00pm.

Professor Chavez is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Wisconsin.  Dr. Chavez’s scholarship is primarily informed by queer of color theory and women of color feminism. She is a rhetorical critic who variously utilizes textual and field based methods to study social movement building, activist rhetoric, and coalitional politics. Her work emphasizes the rhetorical practices of groups marginalized within existing power structures, and also attends to rhetoric produced by powerful institutions and actors about marginalized folks and the systems that oppress them (e.g., immigration system, prisons etc.). In 2013, she published her first book, Queer Migration Politics, which examines coalition building at the many intersections of queer and immigration politics in the contemporary United States. She is working on a new manuscript, AIDS Knows No Borders, which explores AIDS activism and organizing on the issue of immigration and within immigrant communities during what is often described as the height of the AIDS pandemic in North America (1981-1995).  Dr. Chavez earned her PhD at Arizona State University in 2007.