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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book orders for Fall 2016 courses DUE to Melanie by Wednesday, March 23.

Fall 2016 courses are due to Melanie by Wednesday, March 23.  Order form attached.
Please read through for guidelines that help with order accuracy and obtaining desk copies.

Notes from staff:
-NOT ordering books? Using packets instead?  Be sure to inform Melanie either way.

-ISBN: Important! Include the ISBN to avoid receiving incorrect editions.

-DESK COPIES:  You may only request desk copies of titles which you've not previously received.  If you've previously received a desk copy of the same edition, one will not be requested for you again.  All TA's will have desk copies requested for them.  Note that publisher requests take weeks so timely submission of orders is very helpful to you & your TA's.  NOTE: Desk copies cannot be guaranteed for faculty & instructors if the deadline for book orders is not met.

Bookstore guidelines:
-Submitting book orders early gives the Bookstore the opportunity to pay students the best price for their books during buy-back.

-If you delete or change books after they have shipped from the publisher, your research account will be charged for return fees.

-If you will be using a book in the future, please indicate when that will be. This helps students save money by allowing the Bookstore to plan their used copy purchases.

IMPORTANT: do not use old versions of order forms.  Please use only this order form