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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Summer Dissertation Writing Funds requests due by 12:00pm NOON on April 15, 2016

Summer Dissertation Writing Funds are awarded only once in your PhD career. The current award is an amount of up to $4,000. Criteria for requesting available funds are that the student must be ABD, be actively writing their dissertations, not have received the funds previously, and in good standing.

The request should include:

1) Your name, student ID, Dissertation Title and a statement that you have not received these funds previously.

2) A description (1 page) of your dissertation.

3) A description detailing what you will undertake over the summer (up to 1 page). Be as specific as possible about the use of archives, libraries, interviews, writing schedule, etc.

4) A note from your adviser confirming that you have completed enough research to be actively writing substantive portions of the dissertation.  Please your adviser to email this directly to Melanie.

Submit your request to Melanie (stein196@umn.edu) by the 12:00pm NOON on April 15, 2016 deadline.