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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mellon Sawyer Graduate Fellowships

Mellon Sawyer Graduate Fellowships

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Department of Political Science


Professors Robert Nichols and Nancy Luxon of the Department of Political Science invite applications for three (3) graduate fellows for the Mellon Sawyer seminar series The Politics of Land: Colony, Property, Ecology.

We seek applicants for:
1.      One fellowship during the 2017 summer term (equivalent to a 25% advanced status RA position); and
2.      Two fellowships during the 2017/18 academic year (each equivalent to a 50% advanced status RA position).

Graduate fellows will work on this year-long John E. Sawyer Seminar, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. They will be hosted by the Department of Political Science, and directed by Professors Luxon and Nichols.

The seminar seeks to develop an integrated approach to the politics of land, framed by three themes: (1) Colony: How has a history of colonization left its mark on key concepts of legal and political thought, such as sovereignty, territory, jurisdiction, and land? What comparative difference does it make to conceptualize the politics of land through the framework of colonialism? (2) Property: How must prevailing theories of property be rethought to consider the specific economic and political struggles associated with land and displacement? (3) Ecology: How might the politics of land be reconceived in a more pluralistic, cross-cultural manner so as to include ‘alternative ecologies’ beyond the currently prevailing frameworks? Our primary focus will be on the conceptual architecture of these problems: how they are framed and analyzed, what analogies and comparisons are used to discuss them, and what comparative difference it makes to situate them in one context over another.

Required Qualifications: Full-time, registered advanced status doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota. Excellent writing, analytical, and organizational skills.  To qualify for “advanced status,” the applicant must have:
1.      Completed all course work and thesis credits;
2.      No incompletes in course work; and
3.      Held prospectus meeting. 

Preferred Qualifications: Graduate training in Political Science, Political Theory/Philosophy, American Indian Studies, or related fields.

Applicants should demonstrate a research agenda that connects well with the themes of the seminar.

Duties / Responsibilities:
Graduate fellows will contribute to the organization and administration of the seminar, and will participate in all scholarly activities associated with the Sawyer Seminar, including workshops and lectures.

Application Instructions:
Applicants should email the following materials to rbnichol@umn.edu and cutt0019@umn.edu:
1.      Cover letter, that includes:
a.      A summary of the dissertation;
b.     Addresses how the candidate’s research aligns with the seminar’s theme; and
c.      Confirms the advanced status of the applicant.
2.      Curriculum vitae.

Additional materials may be requested from candidates at a future date.

The application deadline is March 3, 2017.

For questions about the position, please contact Prof. Robert Nichols (rbnichol@umn.edu).