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Monday, August 31, 2009

Association for Asian American Studies 2010 Annual Conference

Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) is pleased to announce a call for papers, "Emergent Cartographies: Asian American Studies in the Twenty-first Century," for the 2010 Annual Conference at UT Austin, Texas on April 7-11, 2010. Proposal deadline: October 23, 2009.

Association for Asian American Studies 2010 Annual Conference
The interdisciplinary Association for Asian American Studies invites
presentation proposals from the fields of literature, geography,
sociology, political science, history, cultural studies, the applied
social sciences, education, anthropology, media and film, ethnic
studies, public policy, psychology, and communications.
The 2010 conference site is lodged squarely between the east and west
coasts and abutting Mexico. How might this location inspire us to
reinscribe the terrain of Asian American Studies to capture
twenty-first century realities and subjectivities? For example, to
the surprise of most, Texas now holds the third highest population of
Asian Americans, surpassing even Hawai'i, Illinois, and New Jersey.
Journeying away from the traditional AAS strongholds on the coasts and
Hawai'i suggests the urgency of regional perspectives reflecting
newer, post 1965 populations and communities that may fragment the
field between its oldest and newest parts. We argue that a process of
dismantling is necessary so that a twenty-first century vision of
Asian American Studies might be reassembled from its many messy and
morphing parts.
From its origins in the civil rights era, Asian American Studies has
been an emergent project intellectually and institutionally. It tracks
the growth and evolution of a highly heterogeneous population
constantly shifting in location, arrival narratives, socioeconomic
class, cultural formations, political identifications, and demography.
UT Austin presents opportunities to highlight these transformations,
as well as continuities, in student activism and program building,
intersections with gender and sexuality studies, hemispheric
conceptions of migration, transnational and diasporic practices,
transformative communications technologies, economic crises, new sites
of labor and employment, communities emerging from war and refugee
flight, and teaching for non-Asian populations.
To encompass the full range of research on Asian Pacific Americans, we
encourage contributions from scholars at every level of seniority and
papers ranging from community studies, pedagogical strategies, and
programmatic models to the most experimental, and integrative, of
theoretical ponderings.
All proposals must be submitted on-line by Oct. 23, 2009. For
instructions on submitting proposals and other conference information,
visit www.aaastudies.org/index.html
For more information, you may contact the AAAS Secretariat at
piaseng@illinois.edu or the Center for Asian American Studies at UT
Austin at kydawson@mail.utexas.edu
*AV equipment will be available on a limited basis by request. Please
make your requests when sending in your proposals although the
Association cannot guarantee that equipment will be provided.
*To be included in the conference program, participants must be AAAS
members who have paid registration fees.