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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sex and Hip-Hop Beyond Misogyny: Call for Submissions

Words Beats & Life global journal is pleased to announce a call for submissions for the upcoming issue, "Sex and Hip-Hop Beyond Misogyny." Submit research papers, essays, and articles as soon as possible.

Sex and Hip-Hop Beyond Misogyny: Call for Submissions
Many have stated that sex sells with regards to commodities, hip hop culture in particular. However, in recent years the industries surrounding sex and hip hop have developed a symbiotic relationship. For example, rappers often use strip clubs to premiere records and circumvent mainstream radio payola. In turn, the porn industry employs rappers to promote its DVDs and websites. This connection not only allows the two industries to benefit financially, but also results in their mutual exploitation.
Traditionally, hip hop scholarship and commentary has focused on the misogynist and sexist nature of cultural products. That is, until now, academic debates about how sex is addressed by the hip hop community have centered primarily on topics such as the treatment of the video girl, Nelly's "Tip Drill," depictions of rappers as violent, sexual predators, etc.
For the forthcoming issue, "Sex and Hip hop Beyond Misogyny", Words. Beats. Life: The Global Journal of Hip Hop Culture invites scholars, students, and practitioners to submit nuanced takes on gender and sexuality within hip hop culture. Topics may include sex trafficking, sexual education, hip hop and sex in film and literature, queer hip hop, boyhood and girlhood, and representations of the body. We hope to push ideas about sex and hip hop beyond simple investigations of misogyny in this issue.
Submissions Process
All submissions are accepted on a continuous basis and need not be limited to the themes outlined.
All submissions designated as scholarly require an abstract of 150 words or less and up to five key words to accompany each submission.
All scholarly submissions should follow the APA style guide.
Submission Formats
Research Papers 3,000 words
Essays 1,500 words
Editorials 1,500 words
Short Stories 3,500 words
Lyrics 150-300 words
Featured Poet 150-300 words (4 poems, bio, and photo)
Featured Artist PDF or JPEG (5-7 pieces, bio, and photo)
Scholarly Reviews 2,000 words (albums, books, and films)
Interviews 1,500 words
Submissions and Inquiries:

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Attn: Journal Staff
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