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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Group in Childhood Studies

Kysa Hubbard, recent Ph.D. graduate, invites graduate students to join a recent formation of an Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Group in Childhood Studies.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Group in Childhood Studies

In short, the initial stages of an interdisciplinary graduate group are to help coalesce the group and attract others to the initiative who share the group's intellectual interests and can help develop the group's agenda and goals.
As there is no requirement for a teaching component in the early stages of an ID graduate group, the Director of the Graduate School's Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives, Vicki Field, suggested that we might want to propose that funding be used to sponsor a lecture or symposium to draw others (faculty, grad students, postdocs) from across the campus to an event focused on childhood studies and on the possibility of building such a program at the U of MN (see attached Childhood Studies Major and Minor Description and Core Requirements and Childhood Studies v. Sociology, Family Social Science, and Child Development). We took her suggestion (more details can be found in the attached proposal) and were ultimately successful, however, in addition to adding graduate students to our roster, they would like for us to add faculty members from the following places:
Adolescent Health
Family Policy
Social Work
Mass Communications
Public Policy
For more information contact Kysa Hubbard at 612-624-6858 or email khubbard@umn.edu