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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Legacy Research Fellowships

The Minnesota Historical Society invites applications for Legacy Research Fellowships. These Fellowships are open to any post-collegiate Minnesota scholar who is engaged in Minnesota-related research/scholarship. Awards of $1,000 or $5,000 are available to successful applicants. Deadline for applications is February 3.

Eligibility for these Fellowships is open to any post-collegiate Minnesota scholar who is engaged in Minnesota-related research/scholarship that draws on the Gale Library resources and that intends to add to the body of knowledge and interpretation of Minnesota's history (pre- and post-statehood). Independent Scholars and scholars, including graduate students, not eligible for funding through employment at academic institutions are especially encouraged to apply.
Fellows will work at the Gale Library at the Minnesota History Center and will interact with Society staff. Applications will be evaluated according to how well a proposal directly relates to the library's research resources, fulfills the requirements of the particular fellowship for which the candidate is applying, and has the potential to further the Society's broader mission of educating and engaging public and scholarly audiences about Minnesota History and Cultural Heritage.
Application Guidelines
Before Beginning
-For assistance with substantive issues related to the Legacy Research Fellowship Program (e.g., whether or not the research proposed is responsive to the solicitation), send an email to LegacyResearchFellows@mnhs.org
Application components
-Project Title and Author Name
-Project Narrative: Not to exceed 1,000 words in length. The narrative should include purpose, goals, and objectives; connection to Minnesota history and cultural heritage; research design and methods; a public dissemination strategy; and brief but relevant bibliography or references.
-Stipend: Applicants should indicate whether they are applying for the $1,000 or $5,000 research stipend. The larger stipend will carry an expectation of a longer residency period at the Gale Family library and a larger overall project scope.
-Curriculum Vitae: Limited to 2 pages and including any relevant professional publications
-Two letters of support: Letters addressing the importance of the project and the ability of the applicant are to be e-mailed directly to LegacyResearchFellows@mnhs.org by their writers by February 3, 2014. Please include the applicant's name for emailed letters. State that it is the applicant's responsibility to verify that the letters are submitted on time.
-Proposals must be submitted electronically as PDF or Word files via email to LegacyResearchFellows@mnhs.org. Applications must be received on or before Monday, February 3, 2014 at 11:59 PM.
Criteria for Selection
The following will be considered as positive factors in choosing successful candidates:
-A deep and direct connection to Minnesota history and cultural heritage
-A contribution that advances knowledge or fills a scholarly gap in Minnesota history and cultural heritage
-Evidence of sound research intentions and practices
-Degree of promise of continuing achievement as scholars and teachers
-Suitability of the topic and the research to be adapted for use with the many audiences that MNHS serves."
-Interconnections to other Legacy initiatives will be strongly encouraged and supported i.e. Clean Water Fund, Outdoor Heritage Fund, etc.
-Currently available to only Minnesota residents
-In the first year, projects focusing on the Minnesota experience of underrepresented groups will be given extra consideration in the review process. This may include, but not be limited to:
Communities of color
Disability studies
Program Structure
-Awards allow for work to be conducted at the Minnesota History Center's Gale Family Library, with work space provided.
-Independent Scholars and scholars, including graduate students, not eligible for funding through employment at academic institutions are especially encouraged to apply. Undergraduates are not eligible to apply.
-Projects must use the Society's collections and research library.
-A final presentation for Society staff, volunteers and interns is required.
-Some part of the research must be written as a MNopedia article for final payment of the fellowship award. Guidelines and consultation with MNopedia staff will be available during the scholar's residency.
-Public presentations of research are highly encouraged.
-The MNHS Press will have the right of first refusal on manuscripts created with Legacy Research Fellowships; exceptions may be negotiated.
-Eligible projects may include research that contributes to published books or article, and manuscript research.
-Initial round Fellows are expected to finish their work by August 30, 2014
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Should I apply for a Fellowship or a Legacy Grant? What is the difference between this Fellowship and Legacy Grants?
A: Legacy Research Fellows are for independent scholars. MNHS considers "independent scholars" to be individuals seeking support outside of traditional academic settings. Appropriate applicants may include scholars, journalists, writers, filmmakers, public historians, and other humanists. Fellowships are available to graduate students and to historians and independent scholars who are not affiliated as employees of scholarly institutions or other nonprofit organizations. (The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants program is available to researchers who can apply through sponsoring organizations.) Applicants must be Minnesota residents.
Q: What determines the size of the award?
A: The award size is determined by the scope and duration of the research project. Generally the $1000 is equivalent to 100 hours of work and the $5000 is around 500 hours. The selection committee will determine the appropriate award based on those considerations plus other factors, like distance to travel, etc. We anticipate the first round to be complete by August 30, 2014.
Q: Would I be considered an employee of MNHS?
A: No, you would be considered a visiting Fellow. However, in addition to your award you will be provided with parking at the History Center, access to photocopying (within reason), office supplies and a secured work station.
Q: What is the requirement for a MNopedia article?
A: Recognizing that not all Fellowships will result in immediately completed work, it is required that Fellows write an article based on their research to be published for MNopedia. This article must be published before the final Fellowship payment is provided. Topic will be worked out with the MNopedia editorial team.
Q: Will this Fellowship exist next year?
A: It is the intention of the Minnesota Historical Society to continue this project beyond the pilot year in 2013-2014.
Q: What if I have questions beyond this information?
A: Please contact LegacyResearchFellows@mnhs.org