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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

University of Minnesota Libraries Two-year Fellowship

The University of Minnesota Libraries is offering a two-year Fellowship in Data Curation in the Social Sciences. This is a fulltime, 24-month, academic professional position at a minimum salary of $60,000. The deadline for applications is December 27.

You will help provid strategic direction for the University of Minnesota Libraries in developing and sustaining new models of support for campus research related to social sciences and professional program data curation with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, collaboration on a global scale, and intensive use of technology. To this end, the University Libraries seek an energetic, creative, and service-oriented postdoctoral fellow who will demonstrate innovative thinking and a proactive approach to supporting research and scholarship in the social sciences. They seek an individual who will be an active participant in collaborative projects and an enthusiastic leader for programs that will shape the development and sustainability of social sciences data curation and academic library services. This postdoctoral fellow will report to the Director of Social Sciences and Professional Programs in the Libraries' Research and Learning Division. This position will also work closely with research support specialists throughout the Libraries' Research and Learning, and Data and Technology divisions.
The Social Sciences Data Curation Specialist has a unique opportunity to build and strengthen the libraries' role within social sciences data curation on the University of Minnesota campus through working closely with scholars--faculty and students--and those in support units across the University, including the College of Liberal Arts' Research Data Management Associate, the USpatial Data Analyst/Curator (geospatial data), and the TerraPopulus team (an NSF DataNet project awarded to the University of Minnesota focusing on the integration of census and land use data). While the focus of this position will be on social sciences data as a whole, opportunities related to the specific research focus for deeper scholarly engagement will be informed by the appointed fellow's background, experience, and interest, as well as current research support and collaboration opportunities.
The University Libraries are an integral part of campus life and contribute significant resources and programs to the state, region, and broader profession. The University Libraries provide a supportive and highly collaborative environment. Expanded opportunities for innovation and impact emerge through the Libraries' membership in the Association of Research Libraries, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Center for Library Initiatives, the Center for Research Libraries, the Digital Library Federation, and the Coalition for Networked Information. The University of Minnesota is a charter partner of HathiTrust and has been involved in multiple HathiTrust grant and development projects (e.g., IMLS Quality, IMLS Copyright Verification, LSTA MDLHathiTrust Image Ingest). The Libraries are noted for innovative programs of process improvement, new models for research support, and deep commitment to supporting the full life cycle of knowledge.
Key Responsibilities:
‚óè Provide strategic leadership for the University of Minnesota Libraries in development and sustaining support for social science data throughout its lifecycle.
‚óè Collect, manage, curate, provide access to and assist in the analysis of research data related to
social sciences and professional program academic departmentsÕæ refer researchers to disciplinary
repositories as appropriate.
‚óè Identify and propose research projects at the University of Minnesota involving data capture,
management, and related issues that focus on social science data needs with potential for deeper
scholarly engagement specific areas related to the specialist's background.
‚óè Access current and/or develops innovative methods for data discovery, to enhance the library's
delivery and discovery environment related to social sciences data.
‚óè Collaborate with data producers and repository contributors. Provide consultation services for
researchers and liaisons, to enhance the ability of others to manage, preserve and conduct new
research using digital data collections.
‚óè Work with the University Digital Conservancy and the Libraries' Data Management and Access Department on metadata creation and management.
‚óè Cultivate relationships and collaborate with campus initiatives involved in data curation and
development including but not limited to the College of Liberal Arts' Research Support Services,
Minnesota Population Center, and USpatial.
Position Goals:
‚óè Develop skills and expertise in the management of social sciences data, especially as it relates to the research needs of a large academic research institution.
‚óè Develop and implement a social sciences data curation management plan that integrates with other data curation initiatives across the University Libraries and campus.
‚óè Cultivate relationships with other libraries and campus stakeholders to ensure future support for data curation.
Required Qualifications:
‚óè PhD in a social sciences discipline, with degree completion within five years preceding the
fellowship appointment (expected between July and September, 2014)
‚óè Proficiency/fluency with one or more technologies commonly used in data curation
‚óè Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
‚óè Ability to work with colleagues in a collaborative and distributed service environment
‚óè Demonstrated creativity, initiative, self-direction, and innovative thinking
‚óè Strong service orientation
‚óè Experience with data curation in his or her own research
‚óè Experience with academic project planning or consultative services
‚óè Experience with teaching/instruction in higher education
‚óè Demonstrated involvement in professional activities, including presentations and publications
Professional Development and Support:
The University Libraries provide to all staff local and regional opportunities for professional development, as well as provide support to attend national events such as relevant association conferences, workshops, and other opportunities for development and contribution. The Libraries strongly support the aspirations of deeply collaborative and interdisciplinary research, and provide programs of guidance and education to strengthen and sustain these practices.
Salary and Benefits:
This is a fulltime, 24-month, academic professional position at a minimum salary of $60,000. Excellent benefits and substantial moving allowance offered.
Institutional Context:
The University of Minnesota is a forward-looking and diverse institution located in the center of the vibrant Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Twin Cities are known for their cultural amenities, such as the Guthrie Theater and Walker Art Center, and for their extensive park and recreational systems.
Information about applying for this fellowship can be found at: http://www.clir.org/fellowships/postdoc/applicants/uminnesota2014/info