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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

CSCL/MIMS Job Market Workshop

The Graduate Minor in Moving Image Studies and the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature are hosting a workshop for graduate students currently on the job market and for those planning to do the same next year. 

Please join us for this year's workshop on preparing yourself and your materials for the job market. This will take place Friday, September 23rd at 4 PM in 325 Nicholson Hall. Maggie Hennefeld, Joe Farag, and Mike Gallope have stepped forward to serve as panelists/experts. Many thanks to them as their recent experiences on the job market will be an immense help to all. 

The focus of this particular workshop will be on applying for interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary positions, and on applying to more 'disciplinary' positions when you are coming from an interdisciplinary background. We will also discuss how to determine which jobs and postdocs are worth applying for given the constraints of time. Here we will go through a couple of recent job postings to discuss how best to read these and what the best strategies are for applying to them. The final part of the workshop will focus on tailoring one's job letter to different positions and how best to do this. Here we hope to have some examples of job letters from some of our successful recent graduates that we can analyze together.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Graeme Stout (stou0046@umn.edu) so that we can make certain that we have enough printed materials and chairs.