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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Doctoral Oral Prelim Exams are now scheduled online through the Grad School

The Graduate School has announced that doctoral students will now be required to schedule their Preliminary Oral Examinations online through the Grad School.

Doctoral Oral Prelim Exams are now scheduled online through the Grad School
The Graduate School is pleased to announce that, effective November 24, 2009 doctoral students will schedule their doctoral preliminary examinations with the Graduate School online.
How the Prelim Oral Exam electronic scheduling process works:
1. Doctoral students are expected to schedule their preliminary oral exams with the GSSP office at least one week in advance. This is current practice.
2. The electronic scheduling process must be initiated by the student. To do so, the student clicks on the Preliminary Oral Examination Scheduling link listed on GSSP's doctoral forms Web page (http://www.grad.umn.edu/current_students/forms/doctoral.html).
3. From the Preliminary Oral Examination Scheduling page (http://www.grad.umn.edu/current_students/prelimschedule/), the student clicks on the link to schedule the exam, and then logs in using their Internet ID (http://onestop.umn.edu/non-degree/initiate_your_internet_account.html) and password.
4. The student enters the preliminary oral examination date and clicks "submit." (All other required student information fields are automatically populated by PeopleSoft.)
5. The GSSP office will notify the student by e-mail of any outstanding preliminary oral exam requirements and how to fulfill them. The student will also receive confirmation from the GSSP office when the Graduate School authorizes the preliminary oral examination, continuing current practice.
6. The DGS assistant will automatically be copied on all of the above-mentioned e-mail messages so that the graduate program office is informed of the Graduate School's review and authorization of the student's preliminary oral exam.
Electronic scheduling of doctoral preliminary oral exams is part of the GSSP office's continuing efforts to improve our services for graduate students, faculty, and staff. Benefits of electronic scheduling include the elimination of the hard-copy Preliminary Oral Examination Scheduling form and improved communication among the GSSP office, the doctoral student, and the student's graduate program office throughout the preliminary doctoral exam scheduling and authorization process.
We are very interested in your comments, questions, and concerns about the effectiveness of electronic doctoral preliminary oral exam scheduling. Your reactions not only will help us to identify future modifications that may be needed but will also inform our decisions as we create other electronic processes.
For More Information
If you have questions about the new preliminary oral examination scheduling process, please contact Shannon Gilligan at gradssp@umn.edu. Detailed doctoral degree completion procedures are available on GSSP's Web site, http://www.grad.umn.edu/current_students/doctoral/index.html