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Monday, November 16, 2009

"Economies in Motion" Call for Papers and Performances

Dance Under Construction is pleased to announce a call for papers and performances for next year's conference, "Economies in Motion", on April 16 & 17, 2010 at UC Riverside. Submission deadline: January 15, 2010.

"Economies in Motion" Call for Papers and Performances
"Economy" most often conjures thoughts of finances and money, or the
production, distribution, and consumption of goods. Yet the economy
and economies proffer rich terrains of exploration for choreographers,
performers, and dance scholars. Inspired by the global financial
crisis, U.S. recession, and unprecedented budget cuts across the UC
system, this year Dance Under Construction will explore and
interrogate "Economies in Motion."
In response to the times, the conference theme intends to investigate
and unravel economies in dance, the body, performance, and other
embodied sites of critical analysis. The economy as defined by its
financial or monetary meaning greatly impacts dance and the study of
dance in a university setting, but there are so many other economies
at play, in motion. Economy also refers to the organization of
something, a system of exchange and interaction. Choreographers
account for these economies (for example, of space, sexuality, gender,
politics, power...the list goes on and on) when creating work and these
encounters and systems of organization are ripe for the picking by
dance scholars.
"Economies in Motion" will be addressed during panels presenting
choreography and paper. Topics can include, but are not limited to:
• choreographing the recession
• embodying economies
• economies of politics, gender, race, class, power, etc.
• intimate economies/economies of intimacy, love, sex, sexuality
• global bodies and transnational bodies
• inverting, protesting, and challenging systems of exchange
• performing institutional culture(s)
• transgressing systems of power
• tactics for creative fundraising
• laboring bodies/bodies as labor
• dance and/or bodies as a commodity
• negotiating citizenships and blurring boundaries
• the poetics of economy in movement practice
We invite broad and innovative interpretations of the conference theme
through papers, projects, and performances. Work that utilizes and/or
analyzes various mediums such as dance, film, text, cultural
production, and other performance genres are encouraged. Proposals for
panels, working groups, professional development workshops, and
roundtable discussions are also welcome.
Applicants should submit an abstract (250-300 words) of your paper,
performance, or project and working bibliography, if applicable.
Please include your full name, contact information, institutional
affiliation, brief biography (2-3 sentences), and indicate all
technological and space requirements. Specify in your application
whether a performance space or classroom setting would best suit your
work, and please plan not to exceed a time limit of 20 minutes. DUC
aspires to foster a community and network of support for dancers and
scholars, so please be prepared to talk about your work and to engage
with the work of others.
Please direct your proposals or inquiries to http://us.mc435.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=dance_under_construction@yahoo.com
by January 15, 2010.