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Monday, November 2, 2009

Scholarship* Activism* Social Justice* - Call for Proposals

The University of Texas at Austin is pleased to announce a call for proposals for this year's conference on Scholarship * Activism * and Social Justice *. The conference will take place February 18-20, 2010. Proposal deadline: November 30, 2009.

Scholarship* Activism* Social Justice* - Call for Proposals

Abriendo Brecha VII /Opening a Path
Feb 18 -20, 2010
The University of Texas at Austin
A Conference on
Scholarship * Activism * Social Justice
This is a turning point moment. Across the Americas, economic and
political crisis are leading to profound shifts in the roles and
economies of states and counter-hegemonic formations, and in the
strategies of social justice organizations. This crisis creates new
forms of oppression, but also generates new opportunities for
imagining alternatives to dominant economic, political and social
Abriendo Brecha is an annual conference at the University of Texas at
Austin dedicated to activist scholarship; i.e. research and creative
intellectual work in alignment with communities, organizations,
movements and networks working for social justice. Abriendo Brecha
VII calls for a renewed discussion on the meanings and practices of
activist scholarship, particularly as it relates to the challenges of
the present moment. Some themes for this year?s conference include:
Race and Inequality throughout the Americas; Environmental Justice
Movements; and The Global Economic Crisis.
Sponsored by: Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (DDCE)
Community Engagement Center at The University of Texas at Austin
This year?s conference will consist of a mixed format that includes
panels, workshops, poster presentations, performances and film.
The planning committee calls for three types of proposals:
1. Panel proposals: Panels should consist of 3-4 presenters who focus
on a common theme or issue related to the intersection of
scholarship, activism and social justice. Proposals that include both
scholars and activists who work within and outside academia are
strongly encouraged.
2. Workshop proposal: Workshops should consist of two or more
individuals who will discuss a theme or issue related to the
intersection of scholarship, activism and social justice. Workshops
should be designed to create a dialogue between presenters and
conference participants.
3. Poster Presentation Proposals: Poster presentations are visual
displays that represent a movement, organization, media project or
collaborative research project that relates to social justice and/or
activist scholarship. Poster presentations will be displayed in the
main hall throughout the duration of the conference; presenters are
encouraged to periodically host facilitated presentations of the
Complete the Proposal Submission form by visiting:
Deadline for proposals: Sunday, November 30, 2009