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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CLA Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP) Fellowship Applications due March 29, 2012 at 12pm NOON

American Studies is able to award CLA Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP) fellowships to two students in good standing, currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program. The fellowship includes a summer stipend of $4,000, and the possibility of research funds up to $500. The deadline for application is March 29, 2012 at 12:00pm NOON.

The CLA Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP) encourages graduate students enrolled in graduate programs housed within the college to partner with a College of Liberal Arts (CLA) faculty project advisor on projects of shared interest. The program provides GRPP Fellows with a summer research stipend of $4000 for summer 2012.
The competition is open to graduate students in CLA. Students are ineligible if they have incompletes in official program coursework from a prior term on their transcript. Previous recipients of this award are also not eligible to apply in 2012. As a condition of the award, CLA GRPP Fellows may not hold summer appointments in excess of .25 FTE. Students receiving other University of Minnesota fellowships, including department fellowships, during the period are ineligible for the CLA GRPP Fellowship. Students may hold external fellowships if the request is approved by their department's CLA GRPP selection committee. Students may not register for courses, except during May term, while they hold a CLA GRPP Fellowship.

Review and selection:

The review will be conducted by individual programs. Each application will be reviewed by faculty members in the department in which the student's graduate program resides. Programs develop their own selection criteria in addition to those stipulated in this document.
Application procedure:
• Applications must be submitted by a graduate student currently enrolled in a graduate program in the College of Liberal Arts with the endorsement of a tenured or tenure-track CLA faculty member.
• A graduate student may not participate in more than one application for each round of funding.
• The application materials should include the application form (attached form), the project proposal, a budget proposal (attached form), a two-page curriculum vitae and a U of M graduate transcript for the student.
Selection criteria:
Department criteria should emphasize:
- the quality and significance of the scholarship or creative work proposed;
- value of the experience to the graduate student's academic development;
- the value of the fellowship for the scholarly/creative achievement
of the project;
- evidence that the student is making timely progress toward degree;
Submit your application materials to Melanie ( stein196@umn.edu ) by March 29, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. NOON.
Attachment: Application and Budget Proposal form