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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

QSCC Spring Pride Celebration

The Queer Student Cultural Center's 2012 Spring Pride Celebration began on Monday, and continues on through Saturday, March 31st. The QSCC and its campus and community allies have been working to provide the campus with boundless opportunities to better engage with the people and work of the local queer community through a series of events.

Monday,March 26th
Kickoff Rally
Spring Pride2012 will be starting off with a Kickoff Rallyin front of the Coffman Memorial Union. The rally will begin Monday,March 26th at12:00 PM, and will becentered on key issues currently facing the Twin Cities and broaderMinnesotan queer community, such as the forthcoming MarriageAmendment and the ongoing controversy surrounding CeCe McDonald, andwill feature speakers such as OutFront MN's lead organizer, SiobhanBrewer, Trans Youth Support Network's director, Katie Burgess, aswell as local performer Heidi Barton Stink!
Tongues Untied Presents: BallCulture Presentation
Beingyoung, LGBT, and BLACK has left many marks on people in our society.To many, it marks THREE minority identities. To others, it marksshame, hurt, and disconnect. Yet, when we have been SLAPPED with allof these labels, many of us replace them all with a rainbow stickerthat reads "FAB!" We connect and find a place beneathmainstream, underground, into a world all our own. Where the businessman, thug, and queen or the undercover fem, butch, or trans, can allshed their cloaks that allow them to navigate through an unacceptingworld and be THEMSELVES...if only for one night at a time! Thosecasted out of their homes and families find refuge with their new"parents" and "siblings" as they try to navigatethis thing we call life. Love. Family. Art. Fame. Acceptance.Guidance. Pain. LIFE. The LGBT Ballscene: It's not just an event,it's our COMMUNITY! This event will be taking place inAppleby Room 3 at 5:30 PM
Tuesday,March 27th
(A)SexualDocumentary Screening and Discussion
Come out and learnabout the oft-invisibilized asexual population through AngelaTucker's groundbreaking documentary, (A)Sexual.Following the screening, a panel of asexual-identified students fromthe University of Minnesota will facilitate discussion and fieldquestions regarding the both the contents of the film and their ownexperiences. This event will be taking place in WileyHall, Room 125 at 7:00 PM.Food will be provided!
Wednesday,March 28th
Gender + Religion Discussion
Asa part of the ongoing GLBTQAFaith & Spirituality Series'aim to provide an open and respectful forum to talk about the issuesand intersections of faith, religion, spirituality, culture, andGLBTQA identities, this spring session will focus on:sexism/genderism in the Bible, Torah, and other spiritual texts;binary gender systems; the superiority of "man"; and lackof distinction between sex and gender. All are welcome! This eventwill be taking place in ApplebyHall, Room 319 at 12:00 PM
Trans* Tyme
Tranarchy andthe Transgender commission have joined forces in providing an opendialogue centered on critically engaging with our own experienceswith gender, as well as complicating and exploring the myriad ways inwhich trans* and gender-nonconforming experiences manifestthemselves! This event will be taking place in the Bell MuseumAuditorium at 6:00 PM. Foodwill be provided!
Thursday,March 29th
Call to Action! OutFront MN'sLGBT Lobby Day
As a part of our Spring Pridecelebration, we'll be assisting in transporting interestedqueer-identified and queer-allied students from the University ofMinnesota to the state capitol in order to participate in OutFrontMN's annual LGBT Lobby Day. If you're interested, please send anemail to either qscc@umn.edu, orprock009@umn.edu, and you'll beadded to our growing list of folks interested in lobbying capitol!Those participating will be meeting in the Queer Student CulturalCenter (Coffman 205), and leaving at 9:00 AM. Wewill also be providing transport back from the capitol,so you absolutely do not have to worry about being stranded in St.Paul! Please let us know if there is a specific time you'll need toreturn, but students are encouraged to take advantage of thisopportunity to prioritize participatory democracy over their classesfor one day!
Queer Ice CreamSocial!
Come on up the the QSCC (Coffman205) at 5:00 PM and join us for a fun,relaxing reprieve from the innumerable stresses and pressures of theacademic! Come kick back in the QSCC and enjoy ice cream, soda, andgreat conversation! Food will be provided!
Friday,March 30th
Guessthe Straight Person!
Join Friends & Allies for the latest hit game showcentered on critically interrogating the ways in which culturalconstructions of sexuality are ultimately reductive and limiting!This event will be taking place in Scott Hall, Room 4 at 3:00 PM.Food will be provided!
BulliedDocumentary Screening featuring Jamie Nabozny
In partnershipwith Fraternity Delta Lambda Phi, we will be screening thedocumentary Bullied, acrucial documentary centered on the experiences of Jamie Nabozny, whowas tormented by classmates for years due to his sexuality,eventually fighting back- not with his fists, but in the courtoom.Following the screening, Jamie Nabozny himself will be leading thediscussion and fielding questions about the film and his ownexperiences. This event will take place in BellMuseum Auditorium at 5:00 PM.Food will be provided!
Saturday,March 31st
Kink 1001: TheClass You WISH You Got Credit For!
KinkyU presents a series of workshops and discussions on the 31st of March2012 as part of Spring Pride. The aim of the event is to provide aneducational, safe and sex positive series of classes whereparticipants can gain useful information while exploring theirsexuality. Come to a day of awesome, kinky classes. Includes Lunchand Snack Break! aseries of workshops and discussions on the 31st of March 2012 as partof Spring Pride, beginning at 9:00 AM in the Campus Club inCoffman Memorial Union. The aimof the event is to provide an educational, safe and sex positiveseries of classes where participants can gain useful informationwhile exploring their sexuality. Come to a day of awesome, kinkyclasses. Includes Lunch and Snack Break!
Our WingsStudent Drag Show
Join us in drawing Spring Pride 2012to a close with a bang by attending our student drag show! Thisyear's drag show will be dedicated to honoring the lives of thoselost in the struggle of LGBT equity, as well as the histories thatpersistently inform our continued struggle there toward. Allperformances will be carried out by University of Minnesota students,and admission is completely free! This event will take place inThe Whole at7:00 PM. Food will beprovided!"