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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wing Young Huie Presentation

"Identity and the American Landscape: Photography of Wing Young Huie" a presentation by Wing Young Huie will be held on Monday, March 19th at 6pm in room 100 Rapson Hall.

In this dynamic slide show presentation, Wing addresses the ethical, aesthetic, and cultural issues of intimately interacting with thousands of strangers, while sharing the anecdotes and insights behind the images. He fosters dialogue by showing photographs from many projects that are open to cultural interpretations, inviting participants to offer their own points of view and to consider not only how their perceptions may differ from those around them, but also how our perceptions are formed by the overwhelming media and marketing photographs we consume on a daily basis.
McFarland New Horizons Fund Lecture presented by the Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel, University of Minnesota College of Design
About the presenter:
Wing Young Huie's many photographic projects document the dizzying socioeconomic and cultural realities of American society, much of it centered on the urban cores of his home state, Minnesota. His public installations-- Frogtown (1995), Lake Street USA (2000) and The University Avenue Project (2010)--transformed major Twin Cities thoroughfares into epic photo galleries, reflecting the everyday lives of thousands of its citizens in the midst of some of the most diverse concentrations of international immigrants in the country. Whether in public installations or international museum exhibitions, he creates up-to-the-minute societal mirrors of who we are, seeking to reveal not only what is hidden, but also what is plainly visible and seldom noticed. For more information about his work go to http://www.wingyounghuie.com/
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