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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


               Kids Voting Minneapolis

A community-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to prepare Minneapolis’ 50,000 K-12 students to be educated, informed voters.

Part of a national network of independent local affiliates, Kids Voting Minneapolis combines civic learning in the classroom, family dialogue at home, and an authentic voting experience to prepare the next generation of citizens.

Our mission:
To foster an educated and engaged electorate by partnering with schools and families to enrich the civic education of Minneapolis K-12 students and to prepare them to be informed voters.

How we work:
We provide civics-based kindergarten-12th grade lessons and activities at no cost to schools. Students learn about the right to vote, democracy, civic responsibility and the importance of participation in the voting process.

Then on Election Day learn those lessons first-hand with an authentic voting experience. Students accompany parents or teachers to their polling place and cast a Kids Voting ballot, voting on many of the same candidates and issues that adults do.

This simple act takes the mystery out of the voting process and instills in students a feeling of pride, accomplishment and responsibility that will stay with them into adulthood.


Why it matters:

·      Long-term influence: There is a consistent and robust influence of the program after the passage of 12 months
·      Closing the socioeconomic gap: The program is especially effective for students from low-income households
·      18-year-old voters: There’s a strong correlation between student participation in Kids Voting and subsequent registration and voting among first-time voters


What we’ve accomplished:

·      14,000 students cast ballots at 110 precincts & 4 charter schools in the 2012 Presidential Election
·      7,600 students cast ballots at 131 precincts polling locations in the 2008 Presidential Election
·      4,425 students cast ballots at 94 precincts in the 2006 Mid-Term Election

Get involved:
Minneapolis students vote at polling locations staffed by Kids Voting volunteers. Community support is critical to the success of our program and we are grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who continue to make Kids Voting Minneapolis possible.

We also need your financial support! To make a financial contribution, or volunteer, please contact President Judy Farmer at 612-379-7429 or judylfarmer@gmail.com.


Get involved in your community with Kids
Voting Minneapolis!

What: Help kids experience the democratic process at a young age. You’ll hand out ballots, explain the voting process, and distribute I VOTED stickers.

Where: Kids Voting will be at ~130 polling places across Minneapolis so we need lots of volunteers! We will do our best to schedule you at a polling place that is close to your home/work.

When: 3 hours on Election Day—November 8, 2016. A one-hour training will take place before Election Day.

Why: When kids can have an authentic voting experience at an early age, they are more likely to vote when they reach legal voting age. This one-time commitment can significantly increase civic engagement in our community. Many volunteers return because they enjoy the experience!

If you want to help Kids Voting Minneapolis in our mission to foster an educated and engaged electorate to enrich the civic education of Minneapolis K-12 students and to prepare them to be informed voters, here's what you can do:

1)     Volunteer at a polling place on Election Day—Nov. 8—for a three hour shift
(2:00-5:00 pm or 5:00-8:00 pm) helping kids navigate their voting experience. ANYONE AGES 16 AND UP IS ENCOURAGED TO VOLUNTEER!

2)     SHARE this information—if you can't volunteer maybe your friends can!

3)     If you are willing to volunteer, contact our volunteer coordinator, Jennifer, by email at mplskidsvoting@gmail.com