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Friday, December 7, 2012

CFP: Social Psychology Quarterly

The Social Psychology Quarterly seeks submissions for the upcoming issue "Advancing Connections." They invite submissions that demonstrate the links between social psychological mechanisms and cultural processes. Submission deadline: May 1, 2013.

Call for Papers
Special Issue of Social Psychology Quarterly
At the 2012 American Sociological Association meetings, a number of members of the Social Psychology Section sported pins announcing "Social Psychology--it's actually everywhere!" The same may be true about culture and cultural processes. The Culture section "considers material products, ideas, and symbolic means and their relation to social behavior." The new American Journal of Cultural Sociology and the long standing Poetics: Journal of Empirical Work on Culture, Media, and the Arts publish a wide array of studies focused on aspects of culture. The intent of a special issue of Social Psychology Quarterly is to highlight the deep connections between the omnipresent cultural context/processes and social psychological mechanisms in social life.
The intersection of culture and social psychology may take many forms. Claims that "culture is cognition" raise linkages between cultural meaning-making and a wide array of internal processes such as stereotyping, attribution, schematic processing, and the like. Identity processes involve recognition of shared and negotiated meanings and interpersonal dynamics within cultural contexts that may bolster or alter identity meanings and subsequent behavior. And, the varied status and power processes shaping dynamics among individuals and groups may underlie the production, consumption, and interpretation of cultural objects.
We welcome submissions from a broad range of empirical and theoretical perspectives, demonstrating the links between social psychological mechanisms and cultural processes to explain a wide variety of practices (pertaining, for example, to religion, health, politics, music, art, intergroup dynamics).
The deadline for submitting papers is May 1, 2013. The usual ASA requirements for submission apply (see "Notice for Contributors"). Papers may be submitted at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/spq. Please indicate in a cover letter that you would like your submission to be considered for the special issue.
Prospective authors should feel free to communicate with the coeditors (khegtve@emory.edu or cjohns@emory.edu) or special issue editors, Jessica Collett (jlcollett@nd.edu) and Omar Lizardo (olizardo@nd.edu) about the appropriateness of their papers.