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Friday, December 7, 2012

CI 5660 "Indigenous Language Revitalization" Spring 2013

CI 5660 SECTION 001 'Indigenous Language Revitalization: Critical Research Methods" will be offered Spring 2013 with Professor Mary Hermes on Wednesdays from 4:40-7:20 pm in Peik Hall.

Indigenous Language Revitalization:
Critical research methods
Wednesday 4:40-7:20, Peik Hall 355
This special seminar will bring together students across disciplines with community members who are involved in language revitalization work. Use your intelligence for social justice, join this class! Two community activist scholarships available! (contact below).
We will collaborate in thinking about this global movement and using it as an example of how research can serve movements that benefit communities outside of academia.
First, the practical: What are the most cutting edge methods for teaching oral proficiency?
Part of the seminar will be an experimental Ojibwe language learning session dedicate to this theory into practice question. Second, what are the roles of research and methods? Special attention will be given to feminist participatory research, community based design and indigenous methods. This course will count for an upper level research methods course, providing experience in developing research and methods around interdisciplinary problems. Last, the indigenous language movement will be considered as part of a global push back by indigenous peoples to reclaim and reassert their sovereignty. The use of critical theories will connect these efforts to decolonizing education, rebuilding community and chipping away at the bigger power structures that keep hegemony in place.
Professor Mary Hermes
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CI 5660 001 SPECIAL TOPICS IN THE TEACHING OF SECOND LANGUAGES AND CULTURES [Spring 2013] Indigenous Language Revitalization: Critical research and methods