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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Immigration History Research Center Fellowships

The Immigration Research Center has announced their 2013-2014 fellowships for University of Minnesota graduate students working with the IHRC's collections. The fellowships are considered a 50% appointment and provide $8,300 in stipend and up to $8,300 toward certain fees/tuition during each semester held. Students interested in applying should contact Melanie (stein196@umn.edu) with your subject and intent to apply by December 15th, 2012. Melanie will then be in contact with you directly regarding internal application deadlines.

The IHRC promotes interdisciplinary research on international migration, develops archives documenting immigrant and refugee life, especially in the U.S., and makes specialized scholarship accessible to students, teachers, and the public. Our collections are national in scope and rank among the world's most important for documenting North American immigration and diaspora history.
The fellowships support students conducting research in specific portions of the IHRC's vast archives and print collections, providing $8,300 in stipend and up to $8,300 toward certain fees/tuition during each semester held. Language facility appropriate to proposed research and topic of study is required and fellows are expected to participate in the IHRC scholarly community. In addition to a stipend and fees allowance, a cubicle for the duration of the fellowship period is supplied by the IHRC.
IHRC fellowships are meant to supplement departmental funding packages that may include research or teaching assistantships in the departments in which students are enrolled. The fellowship is considered a 50% appointment. Students are not expected to hold a graduate research or teaching assistantship during the fellowship semester(s).
Please note that the IHRC has graduate fellowships in Arab American, Estonian American, Finnish American, Italian American, and Latvian American studies (see links/info below) awarded at varying intervals but only three fellowships will be offered for 2013-2014.
Eligibility: Both International and U.S. Citizen students are eligible. To be considered for this fellowship, candidates must:
-be admitted, or currently enrolled in, a Masters or PhD program in the University of Minnesota Graduate School;
-have research interests related to the history and culture of the immigrant group documented in the ethnic collection that require research in the IHRC collections (http://ihrc.umn.edu/research/vitrage/index.php)
-have reading proficiency in languages required by research project. International students should consult TOEFL requirements (http://www.ets.org/toefl/)
If students have questions about their eligibility and want to discuss possible research in the IHRC collections, please contact IHRC Archivist Daniel Necas (necas001@umn.edu).
Students should contact Melanie (stein196@umn.edu) directly by December 15th, 2012 with their intent and topic to initiate the nomination process.
The Hildegard and Gustav Must Graduate Fellowships in Estonia American Studies (1 or 2 semesters of support available) provides support for a UMN graduate student conducting research in the Estonian American collections of the IHRC. These collections only recently have become accessible and offer a major opportunity for breakthrough scholarship on Cold War exile organizations, arts and culture, and refugee integration. Certain film holdings are in English, and other collections include English, Finnish, German, Polish or Russian. Spotlight on Edmund Valtman Papers (editorial cartoonist): http://www.ihrc.umn.edu/research/projects/09-7/index.html. The fellowship varies in amount and duration. Most fellowships may be awarded more than once to the same student during her/his enrollment in the University.
The Francis Maria Graduate Fellowship in Arab American Studies (1 semester or summer support available) was established in 2003 with major gift from the Francis Maria Foundation for Justice and Peace. Its objective is to further develop the Francis Maria collection of mid-20thcentury Arab American history and related Arab American activities occurring in the IHRC. The Francis Maria Papers document pan-Arab and Middle East topics of interest to Arab American history, especially in peace monuments related to Palestine. IHRC also holds the papers of Philip Hitti, Mary Mokarzel, and prominent Arab American publishing leaders, as well as fraternal organizations and Maronite figures influential among Lebanese Americans.
IHRC Graduate Fellowship in Finnish American Studies (1 semester of support available) The Graduate Fellowship in Finnish American Studies was established in 2005 and supports a student conducting research in the IHRC Finnish American collections, which are in Finnish and English. Excellent holdings for Finnish publishing, sociology, music, immigrant radicalism, and labor topics, with some religious materials also available. Oral histories for early 20th century Finnish American theatre (in Finnish and English) will be available by 2013. The Fellowship may be used for graduate student support and travel to academic conferences related to Finnish American studies activity.
For more information on our fellowships and other opportunities for internal and external scholars, please visit http://www.ihrc.umn.edu/educators/ .