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Monday, December 31, 2012

Minnesota Colleges and Universities English and Writing Conference

Submissions are invited for the Minnesota Colleges & Universities English and Writing Conference to be held April 4-5, 2013 at Normandale Community College. The conference theme, "Writing Cultures", considers not only identity, ethnicity, and diversity, but also economic and sociological variety. Submission Deadline: February 28, 2013.

2012-13 Call for Proposals (CFP)--Long Version
Call for Proposals: MnWE/MnCUEW Conference (Minn. Writing & English/Minn. Colleges & Universities English & Writing), April 4-5, 2013, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota

Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minn. (SW corner of Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area)

2013 Theme: ÔøΩWriting Cultures.ÔøΩ

The conference theme, ÔøΩWriting Cultures,ÔøΩ considers not only identity, ethnicity, and diversity, but also economic and sociological variety. ÔøΩWritingÔøΩ is meant to designate the traditional act of writing, as well as the act of creating, making, teaching, and learning. The word ÔøΩCulturesÔøΩ is pluralized to further underscore the range and diversity of culture. We write cultures in the way we teach them, talk about them, and portray our own and othersÔøΩ cultural abilities and backgrounds. In addition, composition, creative writing, and literature courses create ÔøΩWriting CulturesÔøΩÔøΩenvironments that foster critical thought about and written engagement with texts, ideas, and issues.

About the MnWE Conference:
The MnCUEW conference provides a platform for sharing diverse pedagogies and styles in teaching and tutoring, composition, literature, ESL, and creative and professional writing. We also discover how our colleagues are researching, collaborating, and making connections with each other and among disciplines, fields, institutions, and communities. The previous conference attracted almost two hundred registrants. The conference is a place for small groups, discussion-oriented presentations, new ideas whether fully or half formed, and creative suggestions. Please send electronic submissions only to David Beard at "dbeard at d.umn.edu."
Proposal Guidelines: Conference organizers seek individual, panel, and workshop proposals from any faculty member (full-time or adjunct), graduate student, or writing center tutor involved in teaching, tutoring or research addressing any aspect of teaching composition, literature, ESL, and creative/professional writing.
Presenters will be organized into groups of two to three per full hour. However, a proposer may request a longer time slot if appropriate, or for a panel or group (with all speakers named in the proposal). People proposing a panel, group, or pair presentation should ask just one member to send their proposal for all. Each presenter should prepare less than 10 minutes of oral presentation and, for the remaining 10-20 min., plan abundant discussion and/or activities.
Submission Deadline: February 28, 2013. Send electronic submissions only to David Beard at "dbeard at d.umn.edu."
Topics: Topics may include but are not limited to
-Creating ÔøΩwriting culturesÔøΩ in Composition and Literature courses
-Reading cultures through Literature
-Challenging and engaging cultures through Creative Writing
-Retaining Writing and Literature students in varied cultures
-Teaching Composition and Literature to nonnative speakers and/or nontraditional students
-Learning to thrive and/or to help others succeed in academic cultures
-Using critical race theory and other pedagogies and methodologies of working for/with the oppressed
-Working within institutional cultures or across institutional boundaries such as disciplines, high schools, for-profit institutions, community colleges, and universities, or communities beyond academe
-Positioning Writing Centers at the crossroads of composition, literary, and cultural practices
-Navigating the cultures of emerging technologies and new media
-Researching in the Internet Age
-Thinking through issues of academic integrity and honesty in a copy and paste era
-Exploring the notion of the ÔøΩculturedÔøΩ individual in an increasingly specialized world
Topics may also include

Composition/Writing Pedagogies

-Topics in composition or basic writing
-Teaching research in first year composition
-Technical and professional writing and communication
-Writing competencies and assessment
-Cultural themes/issues in writing, literature, or teaching
-Ethnicity, culture, and society in writing, literacy, and pedagogy
-Minnesota urban, suburban, small town, and rural communities and constituencies in literacy practices
-Writing centers as crossroads of literacy practices
-Culture and context in literature and writing
-The teaching of writing or literature to nonnative speakers
-The teaching of writing or literature to nontraditional students
- Research on writing and literature
Technology/New Media
-New media/new literacies
-Computers and writing/literature (computer-assisted and online instruction)
-Technology and culture
Writing Centers
-Writing centers: connecting with high schools, middle schools, and/or the community at large
-Writing center collaboration with other fields and other entities
-Working with diverse populations in writing centers: research and practice
Creative Writing
-Creative writing (both craft and creative work)
-Approaches to teaching creative writing
-Expressing cultures in creative writing

Research/Diversity/Interdisciplinary, Inter-institutional Connections

-Research and/or approaches to teaching writing to diverse populations
-Undergraduate research in literature and writing
-Cross-institutional discussions/influences among colleges or between high schools and colleges/universities
-Diversity in the literature classrooms
-Writing across the curriculum/writing-intensive courses or programs
Submission Deadline: February 28, 2013. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 28, 2013. Please send electronic submissions only to David Beard at dbeard@d.umn.edu.
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